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Trump Rape Accuser Once Said “Women Love” Idea of Being Dragged Into a Cave by a Man

Yes, really.

Paul Joseph Watson
June 25, 2019


Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll once said that “women love” the idea of a man with a “big club” dragging them into a cave.

The bizarre exchange occurred during a 1995 appearance by Carroll on Charlie Rose’s show. The topic of conversation veered into how, according to Carroll, women were obsessed with men.

During the taping, fellow guest Jimmy Breslin commented, “Yeah but there’s a lot of rules, you can’t walk out of a cave with a club and drag a woman back.”

“Jimmy, women love that!” remarked Carroll.

She then asked Charlie Rose: “When was the last time you took a big old club….?”

The irony becomes somewhat darker given that Rose himself was later accused of abusive behavior and sexual harassment by no fewer than 35 women.

As we reported earlier, Carroll appears to have a rape fixation.

During a more than awkward CNN appearance, she told Anderson Cooper, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy.”

“Think of the fantasies,” she added.

This is the ‘credible’ witness to whom the media has given a platform.

Tells you everything.


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