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TSA Does What It Does Best: Terrorizes Americans

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Bomb drill turns into panic as police believed it to be real

Steve Watson
May 19, 2011

The TSA was at the centre of another unnecessary panic late last week when the agency failed to notify police that it was conducting a drill involving a man attempting to get a bomb through security lines.

Police surrounded the man at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport after a screener identified an apparent explosive device.

The area was evacuated by the cops, who believed the incident to be real and drew their guns on the man.

TSA officials then notified the police that the incident was part of a routine drill, and apologized for the “miscommunication”.

“I think a lot of people were alarmed,” Patrick Hogan, spokesman for the Metropolitan Airport Commission, said of last week’s incident. “There is always a danger that someone could have gotten hurt. It was unfortunate.”

The TSA says it is reviewing the incident.

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Critics of the agency will point to the fact that it is somewhat remarkable that the screener even spotted the suspicious device, given the agency’s monumental security failure rate.

TSA agents are now so busy groping and irradiating airline passengers that they are routinely missing the presence of bombs and guns in both tests and live situations.

After ABC News recently covered the story of an Iranian/American businessman expressing his disbelief at being allowed onto a flight with a loaded handgun, it was widely reported in the media that such TSA failures were commonplace.

It was noted that screeners detect less than 30% of the knives and guns that officials try to sneak through security in tests. Failures to detect explosive material and bomb parts were also disturbingly high, according to the reports.

This underscores how the newly enhanced and invasive TSA security procedures are pure theatre and actually do nothing to make anyone safer. Indeed, it may be argued that the procedures are putting fliers in more danger as screeners are spending more time groping people and ordering them through x-ray body scanners than checking for potentially dangerous items in their hand luggage.

The TSA then attempted to claim that the reported security failures were “all misleading” and “outdated”, claiming that the figures cited were taken from tests carried out in 2004-2005.

Yet this was revealed to be outright lies.

As highlighted by The Economist’s business travel blog:

The ABC News report Gulliver linked to last month didn’t rely on 2004, 2005, or 2006 numbers—it referenced “a person briefed” on “the latest tests” who said they have a failure rate of 70%.

In addition, TSA head John Pistole made the following comments less than a month ago during an interview on Good Morning America:

“… unfortunately, [undercover testers] have been very successful over the years. And one of the findings is that we have not been thorough enough. And the concern obviously is, if that’s an Abdulmutallab — a Christmas Day bomber — who is doing it rather than an undercover agent, then that can have catastrophic results.”

In addition, the TSA is still withholding the latest results of its official security tests, despite repeated requests to release the information under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Department of Homeland Security has classified the results of the most recent random, covert “red team tests,” where undercover agents try to see what they can get past airport security. The reason they have done so is presumably because the results have been so shockingly and consistently bad for the past nine years.

If the figures had improved significantly then you can rest assured that the TSA would be forcing them down our throats as justification for enhanced airport tyranny, rather than declaring them top secret and locking them away from public view.

As The Economist’s Gulliver blog states “the agency can’t have it both ways. If TSA officials are going to imply that the situation has improved since the last inspector general and GAO reports were leaked to the press, they should prove it.”

However, it seems the agency would rather send out an anonymous blogger named Bob to attack anyone who points out the absurdly obvious where the TSA’s security theatrics are concerned.

Once again this shows that the TSA and Homeland Security are willingly resorting to outright lies in a pathetic attempt to bolster their ailing control agenda. Those making official statements on behalf of the legions of strip search goon squads clearly have little regard for the safety of Americans.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

This article was posted: Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 10:41 am

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