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TSA observers note violations, even trivial, by Newark airport screeners

Steve Strunsk
The Star-Ledger [1]
Dec 10, 2012

Some of the so-called violations seemed downright trivial: a Newark airport screener wearing Nike sneakers on the job; other screeners chewing gum while monitoring passengers.

But others were not so amusing: screeners having personal chats while they were supposed to be screening passengers; a document checker who failed to look at a passenger’s travel documents and a lot of unfocused standing around.

The violations of standard operating procedures set for the Transportation Security Administration employees were recorded by undercover observers at Newark Liberty International Airport in June.

The observations, recorded by TSA staff from other airports, are contained in an internal TSA document obtained by The Star-Ledger, dated June 8 and headed “PACE Airport Evaluation.” The documents have never been previously published.

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