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TSA screener busted for stealing iPads, laptops from luggage

NYPost.com [1]
Dec 6, 2012

TSA screeners are doing their holiday shopping in your luggage.

Port Authority cops on Tuesday busted a crooked 32-year-old TSA screener for stealing iPads and laptops from checked baggage at JFK Airport as part of a sting into the increasing problem of sticky-fingered screeners.

Screener Sean J. Henry of Brooklyn was arrested leaving the airport Tuesday with two Port Authority GPS-equipped “bait iPads,” a 17-inch MacBook Pro, and possibly another laptop in his bag; a stolen Apple laptop was also found in his home, according to a law enforcement source.

Henry was charged with larceny, possession of stolen property, and official misconduct. He is awaiting arraignment in Queens Supreme Court.

Whatever the outcome of his court case, Henry will not be returning to work at JFK any time soon. “The individual in question is currently on indefefinite suspension without pay and is being processed for termination,” said a TSA official.

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