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TSA will use electronic ‘Randomizers’ to randomly route passengers to screening lines

Jacob Goodwin
GSN [1]
July 10, 2013

Airline passengers who are having their documents examined at an airport’s security checkpoint often try to choose the particular conveyor belt onto which they will place their clothes, coins and laptops.

Not so fast, says TSA. The agency is now planning to introduce what it calls “Randomizers” at security checkpoints, which will randomly determine the conveyor belt to which a specific passenger will be assigned.

TSA has just issued a Request for Information [2] (RFI) to prospective vendors who could develop and supply such randomizers, which TSA expects to deploy at CAT X through CAT IV airports throughout the United States.

“The Randomizers would be used to route passengers randomly to different checkpoint lines,” says the agency’s RFI.

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