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Tucker Carlson Says Progressives Don’t Tip in Restaurants: ‘Seriously, Ask a Waiter’

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February 8, 2019

On Fox News Channel on Thursday, host Tucker Carlson opened his show with a monologue about what he called “liberal hypocrisy,” talking first about instances of wearing blackface and moving on to a variety of issues. Among them, he oddly included the assertion that progressive don’t tip servers at restaurants.

“Being a progressive allows you to attack others for the very same sins that you yourself are committing in greater abundance,” said Carlson at the start of the above clip. “And it’s not just true of wearing blackface. It’s true of everything.”

He gave a hypothetical circumstance as example, imagining a wealthy but selfish person who upon feeling guilty after making it big by exploiting others, decides upon the salve of progressivism. The “selfish and mediocre person” in his tale “might decide to join a movement that accuses other people of destroying the planet by consuming too much,” to make their own “over-consumption” seem less “sinful,” he said. “At least you’re a deeply caring person. And you would tell yourself that as you flew private to global warming conferences all over the world.”

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