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Turkey deploys fighter jets to Syria border after frontier village allegedly bombed

Russia Today [1]
October 12, 2012

According to witnesses, Turkey scrambled two fighter jets to the Syrian border in response to an army helicopter bombing the Syrian border town of Azmarin, Reuters reported.

Fighting between the Syrian government and rebels recently erupted in Azmarin, with several refugees fleeing the violence by crossing the border into Turkey yesterday. The town is approximately one kilometer from the Turkish border.

Tensions between Ankara and Damascus have run high following a brief cross-border shelling attack last week, and after Turkey grounded a Syrian commercial jet en route from Moscow to Damascus on Wednesday over suspicions the plane was carrying illegal cargo.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Ergodan alleged that the Moscow-to-Damascus commercial flight diverted to Ankara on Wednesday was carrying munitions for the Syrian army.

“It is absolutely clear who sent the cargo and who was going to receive it. This was munitions from the Russian equivalent of our Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation being sent to the Syrian Defense Ministry,” Erdogan told journalists, referring to the state-run Turkish manufacturer that supplies the country’s army.

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