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Orlando Gunman Arrested After Office Shooting Spree; 1 Dead, 6 Injured

Police and swat team members gather at the scene as employees ...

Belfast Telegraph [1]
Friday, November 6, 2009

Police in the US have arrested a gunman who opened fire on employees in an office complex in Florida today, reportedly killing two and injuring six.

People inside the Gateway Centre in downtown Orlando were said to have barricaded themselves behind closed doors, while others streamed out of the block.

Local reports suggested at least two office workers died in the rampage.

Orlando Police Sergeant Barbara Jones confirmed there had been multiple injuries, but could not say how many people had been hurt or give details of their wounds.



The suspect was named as Jason Rodriguez, a 40-year-old former employee of a company based at the centre. Police released his picture to media outlets and warned the public that he was still on the loose and armed.

It is believed that victims were shot on a number of floors of the office complex.

A commando unit were on the scene attempting to evacuate workers trapped in the building.

A spokesman for the firm, Reynolds, Smith & Hills, confirmed that Rodriguez had been an employee of the company based at the Gateway Centre. But he was sacked two years ago after performance- related issues.

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