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Two Koreas blame each other for attack

Press TV
Nov 23, 2010
South Korea and North Korea have blamed each other for an exchange of artillery fires in the Yellow Sea border island of Yeonpyeong.

North Korea says the South fired first in an artillery fire clash which killed two South Korean soldiers and wounded 18 others.

South Korea says it has returned fire after dozens of artillery shells from the North landed on a South Korean island near the disputed Yellow Sea border.

South Korea has put its military on high alert. Seoul has also warned of “stern retaliation” for any new provocations.

Some 200 North Korean shells have reportedly hit the Yeonpyeong island, setting dozens of buildings ablaze.

This appears to be one of the most serious incidents between the two Koreas since the war in the 1950s.

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Meanwhile, Germany, Britain, Russia and China have expressed concern over the escalation of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The United States has condemned North Korea’s attack, saying it’s firmly committed to the defense of its ally, South Korea.