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Two ships still heading towards Gaza

Aviel Magnezi
Y Net News [1]
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Organizers of an aid flotilla to Gaza kept mum Tuesday on additional ships scheduled to arrive in Israel’s international waters in the coming days, while Israeli officials mulled possible responses.

Greta Berlin, of the heads of the Free Gaza Movement, told Ynet that the Irish ‘Rachel Corrie’ and another American ship are scheduled to make an appearance next week, and promised that “this is not the end”.

“The ships are currently docking at certain ports, we are waiting to see what happened to those who were murdered by your army, and then we will decide how to proceed,” she said.



Berlin added that she believed the ships would continue on their path early next week. “We don’t plan on stopping, we have people from all over the world interested in donating money and we have no problem recruiting additional people and ships.”

She said the ships had docked after the violent occurrences Monday, and that they would not set sail until the movement succeeds in identifying the people killed on the Turkish vessel Marmara.

Full story here. [1]