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U.S. Government Launches Swine Flu Vaccine Campaign

Rob Stein
Washington Post [1]
Monday, Oct 5th, 2009

Doctors, nurses and other health-care workers in Indiana and Tennessee will receive the first doses of swine flu vaccine Monday as the federal government launches the most ambitious vaccination campaign in U.S. history.

Health-care providers and emergency workers at the Wishard Health Services and other hospitals in Indianapolis and at the Le Bonheur Children’s Medical Center in Memphis will receive the Flu Mist nasal spray vaccine at events attended by local, state and federal health officials.

The vaccinations mark the beginning of a nationwide campaign to inoculate at least half the U.S. population — and perhaps the entire country — against the new H1N1 virus that has caused the first influenza pandemic in 41 years.

The federal government has spent $2 billion to purchase about 250 million doses of vaccine and has pledged to buy enough to immunize every American if there is enough demand.

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