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U.S. Mainstream Media Covers Weinergate, Ignores BilderbergGate

The Excavator [1]
June 11, 2011

The secret Bilderberg planners are probably having second thoughts about holding this year’s conference in Switzerland. They are being met by angry protesters, journalists, and activists who have come from around the world to challenge their claim to secrecy.

A number of influential Swiss politicians [2] are also planning to protest the shadowy meeting and bring attention to the fact that important global issues are being discussed by senior Western bureaucrats, heads of states, CEOs, high-ranking politicians and banking ministers without the people’s knowledge and consent.

On Friday, Mario Borghezio [3], an Italian member of the European Parliament, was harassed and assaulted [4] by private security goons at the hotel hosting this year’s conference for trying to go inside.

Why are Swiss politicians, protesters, activists, and journalists risking their own security to expose the Bilderberg’s corrupt and destructive agenda for the world? Look [5] at who is attending the conference and you’ll know why. Bilderberg attendees include war criminal Henry Kissinger, war criminal/neocon Richard Perle, financial terrorist/thief Robert Rubin, and war criminal/thief David Rockefeller. They are not a very attractive bunch. If Earth had a hell, Bilderberg would be its rotten core.

The U.S. mainstream media plays dead every year when there is a Bilderberg conference going on somewhere in the world. Bilderberg is thrown in the bin of “conspiracy theories” along with 9/11 truth and Wall Street’s criminal takeover of the American government.

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Austrian Press Confirms Premier At Bilderberg 030511banner3 [7]
CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, CBC, and all the other complicit media enterprises in North America believe the people do not need to know the truth about what is being discussed at the Bilderberg conference every year. In their eyes the people don’t matter, victims of the 9/11 attacks don’t deserve justice, democracy is dead, and freedom of the press is not worth saving.

The American people are kept inside a bubble of ignorance and stupidity by the anti-democratic media, and denied the knowledge that can enable them to make informed decisions about what their government is doing in their name.

But who needs Time magazine and the New York Times to make history? Official media sources in America and the West are socially and politically irrelevant. They are done. They are history. Their power of propaganda, disinformation, and deception was big in the 20th century. In this century the Internet and new media is liberating the people’s minds from treasonous lies, hegemonic discourse, and destructive narratives. The dam of Western propaganda is breaking.

We are rediscovering the power of a free press to rein in unchecked government/corporate power, protect the victims of powerful elites, and hold government/corporate traitors accountable for their crimes.

“Nothing has really happened,” said Virginia Woolf, “until it has been recorded.” People who are indifferent and silent in the face of injustice and state criminality can’t change the course of history and bring tyrants down. We have to record the fact that public servants, private bankers, corporate leaders, intellectuals, and influential politicians are meeting privately in Bilderberg conferences every year to talk about world trade, world war, and world government.

Historical documents prove that elites at Bilderberg conferences in the 1950s and 1960s plotted against Western democracy and launched the autocratic European Union. This year veteran journalist Jim Tucker said Bilderbergers are plotting to jack up gas prices in America, keep the economic depression going, and usher in world war three in the Middle East. All these steps will eventually lead to a totalitarian world government, and a world currency which will be used to enslave the populations of the West and the world.

There is no guarantee that there will be a dictatorial world state in our future. The traitors and criminal conspirators at Bilderberg are not invisible and invincible gods. They are a pathetic, arrogant and small group of people who think they know what’s best for everyone. But they are mistaken. Thanks to dedicated journalists and activists they can no longer discuss the future of civilization and the destruction of human freedom in secret.

Kissinger, Rockefeller, Perle, Rubin: these are the faces of death, evil, and corruption, not peace, harmony, and world union. If you want to live under a dictatorial world government created by these criminal sociopaths then you are deranged and lost. You’ll be better off in hell.