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Uh Oh! Missouri Tries Minimum Wage Hike, It Fails Spectacularly…

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Louder With Crowder
July 7, 2017

If ever you want proof of the left’s major misunderstanding of economics, one need only peep their minimum wage ideas.

We have no shortage of studiesreports, and firsthand examples demonstrating how minimum wage hikes are the dreams of mentally-challenged smurfs. Yet the entitled whineholes still demand $15 an hour. Well, Missouri recently caved to those ear-splitting cries. Here’s the result:

Along with rising sales taxes, a minimum wage hike to $10 an hour two months ago made it expensive [for Missouri stores] to stay open.

Next month, the minimum wage will return to $7.70 an hour — ten bucks an hour was a mistake, [Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens] says.

“Despite what you hear from liberals, it will take more money out of people’s pockets,” Greitens said.

Cities all over the country have been boosting their minimum wage. It’s up to $15 an hour in Seattle, but it’s going in the opposite direction in St. Louis.

So the long-awaited minimum wage policy lasted all of two months in St. Louis. Now they’re speedily backpedaling because people are losing their hours (or jobs entirely) and businesses who can’t cope with the rising cost of operation will eventually be forced to shutter their windows. Incidentally, Seattle’s minimum wage hike has also resulted in an apocalypse. Told you so.

Here, allow me to explain for those with liberal arts degrees. Minimum wage hikes cost businesses more monies. Many of those businesses will lay off workers to re-stabilize costs. Some businesses will even shut down. Less employers means less employment. Ergo, #FightFor15 is really #FightForLessJobs.

So in short? These economically retarded crapwads have done more to hurt workers than help them. Oh wells, at least they tried.

Now that Missouri is planning to undo this financial abomination, St. Louis progressives have launched a minimum wage bitchfest again. Clearly, they fail to understand money always has to come from somewhere. Be it business owners, the middle class, taxpayers, or the rainbow-colored trees in their mushroom induced highs. It seems the left doesn’t mind forcing these groups to foot the bill. Just so long as they get the feeling credits and don’t have to foot the bill themselves. Perhaps because these advocates are usually not counted among them (see IRONY ALERT! ‘Fair Wage’ Democrat Party Sued For Underpaying Its Workers).

These social justice warriors would happily help the economy collapse in on itself if it meant they had an extra $400 a month to spend on vegan pizza and dog rompers. Because economic Armageddon is a small price to pay for “FAIRNESS!” It’s way easier than, bear with me here, getting a better job.

This article was posted: Friday, July 7, 2017 at 6:21 am

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