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UK Parliament Rejects Syria War Same Day that Poll Shows Only 8% of Britons Support an Attack

Washington’s Blog [1]
August 30, 2013

UK Backs Away from War

British Parliament has rejected war against Syria [2].

A new Express Online poll shows that only 8% [3] of Britons support war against Syria.  Polls by the Mirror [4]and Sun [5] confirm that Brits wholly oppose any military intervention in Syria. (Brits join most of the rest of the world [6] in rejecting war.)

David Cameron’s claims that the Syrian government carried out the recent chemical weapons attack has been shown to have been built on sand [7].

Tony Blair argues [8]:

People wince at the thought of intervention. But contemplate the future consequence of inaction and shudder: Syria mired in carnage between the brutality of Assad and various affiliates of al Qaida, a breeding ground of extremism infinitely more dangerous than Afghanistan in the 1990s; Egypt in chaos, with the West, however unfairly, looking as if it is giving succour to those who would turn it into a Sunni version of Iran.

But perhaps Britons have learned- from reports from mainstream media sources such as BBC [9], theIndependent [10], the New York Times [11],USA Today [12]CNN [13]McClatchy [14]AP [15], the Daily Beast [16],  the Blaze [17], or theStar [18] – that supporting the rebels means supporting Al Qaeda and two other terrorist groups [19]. Indeed, the the New York Times has reported [20] that virtually all of the rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.

Or maybe the UK citizens have learned that the “rebels” have likely [21] used chemical weapons [22] and are ruthlessly targeting Christians [23] in numerous [24] ways.

Or maybe they’ve learned that the entire rationale for a war against Syria is bogus [25].