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UK Police Tell Public: Report ‘Hateful’ Behaviour ‘Even If It Isn’t a Crime’, ‘You Don’t Even Need Evidence’

Breitbart [1]
October 21, 2019

British police have marked “Hate Crime Awareness Week” with a series of childish online cartoons urging the public to report “hateful” behaviour “even if it isn’t a crime”, offering assurances that “you don’t even need evidence”.

The cartoons, featuring exclusively white racists targeting non-white people, women in hijabs, and so on, were shared over the course of the week by Devon and Cornwall Police [2]— which was recently exposed [3] as having had to sack a number of constables, special constables, community support officers, and support staff for sexual misconduct.

The cartoons appeared to be aimed at people of limited intelligence, with one featuring a woman with a North American accent narrating an angry white man going into a greengrocer and becoming enraged by an apple placed among other fruit.

“This is John. John doesn’t like apples and seeing them sold with other fruits upsets him,” she explains, as John first shouts at the fruit and then physically attacks it.

“This behaviour seems ridiculous, but would it be any stranger like this?” she asks, cutting to John screaming at the shopkeeper “because he is black”.

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