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Ukip foster row couple threaten to sue council

Helen Pidd
Guardian.co.uk [1]
December 20, 2012

The Ukip supporters who had three eastern European foster children taken away from them in November have threatened to sue Rotherham council after claiming they have effectively been blacklisted from fostering further children.

The couple, long-standing foster parents in their 50s, say they were informed by their fostering agency that the council was accusing them of “leaking” confidential information to the media about the children and their birth parents.

The couple deny the allegations and say the claim – that they have breached confidentiality – “can be a career-ending accusation for foster parents”.

They said on Thursday: “If Rotherham metropolitan borough council (RMBC) are accusing us of a breach of confidentiality and do not issue a formal apology in order to clear our name, we may be forced to seek legal action to protect our future as foster parents.”

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