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Ukip fostering row: ‘we want our foster children back’

Sam Marsden
London Telegraph [1]
November 26, 2012

In an interview with The Telegraph, the experienced foster parents called on the council involved to make a public apology and clear their record.

They demanded assurances from Rotherham metropolitan borough council – which removed three ethnic minority siblings from them because the couple were members of the UK Independence Party – that they would be allowed to resume caring for other vulnerable children. The pair, who have not been named to protect the three children, said that in an ideal world they would like to have them back, but that the council’s actions had ruined their chances because they did not want to cause the children any more upheaval or distress.

“From a personal and selfish point of view, we would like the children back,” the wife said. “But we are more concerned with the children’s welfare, and we do not want them traumatised any more than they already have been. It is not going to be feasible to take these children back. They are the innocent victims in all this. They deserve better.”

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, condemned Rotherham council’s “indefensible” decision after The Daily Telegraph revealed that it had taken the children away earlier this month on the grounds that the couple supported Ukip’s “racist” policies. The authority has begun an internal inquiry.

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