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Ukraine Turmoil Escalates Into Foreign-backed Armed Uprising

Alex Newman
New American [1]
February 21, 2014

As the deadly chaos in Ukraine spirals out of control amid foreign meddling on all sides, news reports suggest that dozens of rebels and protesters have been killed in violent clashes with government forces, which also suffered multiple casualties. When a so-called “truce” between the Moscow-backed Ukrainian regime and the Obama administration-supported opposition apparently crumbled shortly after being agreed to, violence exploded again in the capital, Kiev, and across much of the nation.

It is the worst crisis to strike the nation in decades — some analysts even suggest Ukraine is on the verge of civil war — with February 20 reportedly the deadliest day so far. Pictures and videos pouring out of Ukraine reveal what looks like a war zone: blazing fires and smoke everywhere, protesters violently clashing with security forces, burning cars and police vehicles, trashed city centers filled with rubble, impromptu barricades across major streets, and more.

The reported death tolls vary widely, but estimates suggest that as many as 100 protesters and 10 police may have been killed in recent days. Hundreds more on both sides of the conflagration have been wounded. The violence, which has been simmering for months, started escalating out of control this week as both sides upped the ante amid a dispute between proponents of closer ties with the European Union and those who seek deeper links with Moscow.

Some protesters, for example, can be seen clearly in videos shooting at police, many of whom have also started firing live ammunition at the rioters. Reports suggest that Western establishment-backed rebels have seized weapons from military depots and are using them to attack regime forces. Footage has also shown rioters mercilessly beating police officers, throwing rocks and bricks, and even using Molotov cocktails to neutralize the regime’s armored personnel carriers.

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