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UN Bosses Secretly Plot Global Govt Through “Green Economy” for Rio+20

New American [1]
February 13, 2012

United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon and his top deputies gathered in secret last year to chart the future course of humanity through “sustainable development,” a controversial concept the UN equates with “saving the planet” in what would ultimately entail a radical and complete transformation of human civilization. But even though the erection of a global so-called “green-economy” regime is a top UN priority, leaked minutes of the meeting [2] revealed that the term itself remains undefined.

The closed-door session, held last October in Long Island, focused mainly on using theupcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UN CSD) in Rio de Janeiro [3] to dramatically change the world under the guise of saving the environment. And all of the global body’s top “green” officials were in attendance to help formulate the plan.

The confidential minutes of the meeting, obtained and posted online [2] by Fox News last week, outline the goals and agenda for the global sustainability gathering this June — dubbed Rio+20 — that will be held on the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Earth Summit. Using environmentalism as the rationale, that conference laid the groundwork [4] for the global effort the UN hopes to expand and solidify in the years to come.

According to critics and the UN itself, however, the global body and its allies around the world have ambitions that go far beyond simply protecting the environment. In fact, many experts — especially in the United States — fear [5] that the UN actually envisions a global government, an erosion of private-property rights, and even an end to the individual freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. And based on UN documents dealing with “sustainability,” the concerns appear to be justified.

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