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Unasked Questions about bombs in the World Trade Center on September 11 2001

(last update: 31 Oct 2001)

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One (or more) eyewitness reported hearing a series of at least about "five" explosions in at least one of the buildings just before it came down. It LOOKED LIKE a professional demolition job. The "melting" theory makes little sense.
The FBI floors (22nd to 24th floors) of the North Tower had been devastated and reduced to debris BEFORE the building came down. On these floors the entire accumulation of evidence and investigation briefs on two highly important cases were being stored: the case against Mobil Oil and James Giffen on illegal oil swaps between Iran and Kazakhstan and evidence in the investigation of GOLD PRICE FIXING.

"Explosions in the World Trade Center Twin Towers"

From: PRCenter@webtv.net (Tom), Sun Sep 16, 2001
There have been several reports on the news that after the plane crashes there were several "explosions" inside the building at lower levels. One (or more) eyewitness reported hearing a series of at least about "five" explosions "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,..." in at least one of the buildings just before it came down.
I did a little research on the construction of the twin towers... it seems the structures were supported by an approximately 100 x 100 foot square (79ft x 139ft) concrete and steel column running up the center of each building.

The scenario that the "heat" from jet fuel "melted" this central support column within minutes seems unlikely to me for various reasons:

The central support collapsed very suddenly and totally going into what has been described as "free fall". This is exactly what would be expected if the central support column were demolished with explosives but not what you would see with a so-called gradual "melting" from top to bottom as the building burned.
Heat rises.... How could the fires at the tops of the buildings "melt" the support column composed of concrete and steel very far below the point at which the towers were struck, if at all?
The building has (had) an internal fire safety feature that automatically seals (sealed) off various sections and levels of the building subject to fire, cutting off the air supply.
Visually... it appeared that after the initial impact and explosion of jet fuel mostly OUTSIDE THE BUILDING... (and on a few floors inside where windows were broken). There was a great deal of smoke but relatively little flame and certainly no major inferno at lower levels INSIDE. in fact people were seen not very far below the point of impact hanging out of windows trying to escape the (smoke?)... but apparently alive and not subject to the thousands of degrees temperature that could have melted steel (and concrete?). At lower levels it has been reported by some survivors that they were inside watching the events (plane crashes) on TV when they decided it was time to get out... Again they had no indication of fire at these lower levels that could have "melted" anything.
I am no demolitions expert by any means but having grown up in a family of contractors and builders I do have lifelong construction and some demolition experience. The explanation provided to the public that the buildings sudden collapses were due to the "melting" of the supporting steel makes about as much sense as saying that a candle could suddenly "collapse" from "melting" due to the flame at the top.
The supporting columns of concrete and steel were sunk into groves cut into solid bedrock far below ground level. It makes more sense to me to say that it would have taken a considerable amount of well placed explosive to demolish this structure and send it into "free fall" than to say that it simply "melted" from the heat of the jet fuel burning (or smoldering) at the top of the building.
I think in the very least... whats left of the supporting columns should be examined to see if they were subject to explosives before all the evidence is carted away and disposed of somewhere.

I am not trying to develop a government conspiracy theory here. Whoever did this had a long time to plan it and possibly set bombs inside the building. I am not by any means anti-democratic or anti-American. But the demolition by bombs inside the building seems credible and obvious as an explanation as to why the two buildings suddenly collapsed. and this is supported by eyewitness accounts of explosions at lower levels as well as the absence of any fire at lower levels capable of "melting" anything.

By contrast, in my opinion, the "melting" theory make little if any sense at all and has little if any evidence to support it.

If the supporting structure at or near the point(s) of impact "melted" causing the top of the building(s) to fall several stories and come down... like big wrecking balls.... It seems these section(s) (tops) of the building(s) would have come up against some resistance at some point on the way down when they ran into the un-melted portion of what was left of the 100ft square steel and concrete support column(s)... they didn't... perhaps for the reason that these columns were already destroyed by explosives?

Finally... anyone who saw the buildings come down saw the obvious... it simply LOOKED LIKE a professional demolition job. Why not at least investigate this obvious explaination for what everyone witnessed?

[additional question by Ralph: why did the second tower, which was hit 18 minutes later, collapse BEFORE the first one, even though the plane did not hit the core of the building structure?]

"New WTC Evidence Raises Questions Of Evidence Destruction
by Dick Eastman Yakima, Washington, 28 Oct '01
New, Strongest-Possible Evidence Of US Corporation Executive's Guilt In WTC Destruction - Destruction Of Evidence The Possible Motive
From Dick Eastman eastman@wolfenet.com - 26 October 2001
The evidence that the destruction of the WTC was to destroy evidence contained on the 23rd and 24th floors of the North Tower is now incontrovertable. This message is the first revelation of the evidence that makes this conclusion a certainty. As yet no one has contacted any authorities with this information. (I want to make sure it is well in the public sphere before I show up at the FBI office here in Yakima.)

Dick Eastman 223 S. 64th Ave Yakima, Washington

I want you to provide me with lists of names I can contact in government and elsewhere around the world. I also want you to work by your own avenues to get to any officials or law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in this case. A war and the greatest crime in history are involved, and many of the people responsible are standing in the way of justice.

Here is evidence supplied by the Head of Security of the WTC on network television indicating that the FBI floors (the 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors) of the North Tower -- 70 floors below the crash-bombing impact -- had been devastated and reduced to debris that this same Head of Security himself dug through to get to trapped persons (whom he saved).

But it was on these floors that the entire accumulation of evidence and investigation briefs on two highly important cases were being stored:

the case against Mobil Oil and James Giffen on illegal oil swaps between Iran and Kazakhstan (at that time before a New York grand jury as described in great detail by Seymore Hersh in the July 9 New Yorker magazine);
and even more important, the evidence in the investigation of GOLD PRICE FIXING stemming from charges brought against Alan Greenspan, Morgan & Company, Goldman Sachs.
(see below [truth.htm] for full reconstruction of this crime -- that is now all but confirmed by this revelation of a bomb devastating the FBI floors of the North Tower before the tower collapsed.)

At noon I received a phone call from New England from Steve. He was reviewing recorded footage of coverage of the destruction of the WTC on NBC's program "48 Hours." Steve has reviewed the footage many times and taken detailednotes.
I took notes at my computer as he spoke. After the south tower collapsed, men went up to the 22nd floor of the WTC and "dug" someone out of the "rubble" he found there. {It is known that these floors contained the New York FBI offices -- Peter Jennings actually did a two-day network news story on the effects of the destroyed evidence and files on American financial crime investigations around the world.]

The 48 Hours anchor was interviewing the Head of Security of the WTC about the evacuation who had received a call, after the South tower was down, from the Port Authority's Command Center on the 22nd floor asking for rescue. The Head of Security himself travelled to that floor in the company of a NY Fireman where they found the offices devastated to the point where they had to "tunnel through debris" to "dig out" the two or three Port Authority workers who were trapped there. All of this happened 73 floors below crash-bombing impact.

The man who called me about this -- Steve from Maine -- said that he had received a copy detailing the evidence for a terror frame-up from one of the hundreds of people pester with my posts each day (whose name I recall from my address book) -- and that he had been reviewing three lists of occupants of the WTC.

He gave the sites for two different listings of WTC tower occupants, which I copied as follows:
Tenants by floor and square footage - www.cnn.com/sp-ecial/2001/trade.center/tenants1.html and Occupation by tenancy - www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/nation/article/tower1.html
[I checked the links on 30 Oct - both pages have been removed - Ralph]

He noticed from these that listings were given for all floors EXCEPT floors 23 and 24, immediately above the location of the call for "digging out" rescue -- indicating that the debris had fallen down from a destructive event occurring on the floor directly above. Steve left off with this statement (which I am not able now to confirm or disconfirm): "The Murrah Building in Oaklahoma City was where all of the records of the Waco Seige were being kept. I think this is their MO." Meaning their modus operandi -- i.e., their distinctive pattern of crime.

Here is the post that prompted Steve's phone call:

Incontrovertable reasons for concluding that the WTC / Pentagon crash-bombings were a frame-up at truth.htm. Dick Eastman Yakima, Washington. Every man is responsible to every other man. MainPage: www.rense.com