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Unauthorized US strike kills 4 Pakistanis

Press TV [1]
Oct 7, 2010

A non-UN-sanctioned US strike on a house in Pakistan’s tribal region of North Waziristan has killed four people and injured two others.

“Two missiles were fired on a compound located in a forest in Khaisoori town of Mir Ali district. Four people lost their lives and two others were wounded in the attack that targeted the compound and a vehicle parked nearby,” a Pakistani security official told AFP.

The US missile attacks by unmanned drones in Pakistan’s tribal region along the Afghan border reached its peak in September with 21 airstrikes.

The victims of the attack are mostly civilians residing in Pakistan’s tribal regions along the border with neighboring Afghanistan.

Though Washington at times claimed it has an agreement with the Islamabad about such attacks, Pakistan insists there has never been such a deal and that it considers the airstrikes as repeated violations of its sovereignty.

“We believe that they are counter-productive and also a violation of our sovereignty,” Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit told reporters on Thursday. He added, “We hope that the US will revisit its policy.”

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