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Unauthorized US strikes kill 8 in Pakistan

Oct 10, 2010

Non-UN-sanctioned US drone attacks have killed at least 8 people in northwest Pakistan amid reports of a surge of such US attacks on the country.

In the first attack, a drone fired two missiles at a pair of cars in an Afghan refugee camp in the North Waziristan tribal area, killing six people as the vehicles and a nearby house were destroyed, Pakistani
intelligence officials said.

The camp is located in the Spin Wam area near Mir Ali, one of the main towns in North Waziristan, AFP reported.

Minutes later, a drone killed two people on the bank of a river located just outside the refugee camp, the officials said.

The US strikes were the ninth and tenth in Pakistan this month. The US military carried out twenty-two non-UN-sanctioned attacks against Pakistan in September, the highest monthly figure so far.

Some US officials recently announced that the military is providing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with drones to launch more attacks in Pakistan.

Islamabad has reacted angrily to the air strikes, calling them a violation of its sovereignty.

Though Washington claims the strikes target militants, most of the victims of the attacks have been civilians.

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Almost a thousand Pakistanis have lost their lives in more than 100 US drone attacks during the past two years.

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