June 21, 2003 
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UNESCO: Strangle This Monster in Its Crib
Phil Brennan
Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Unless Congress regains a modicum of sanity, the United States of America is about to rejoin an organization dedicated to the destruction of the last vestiges of Judeo-Christian civilization.

For reasons inexplicable to most sensible Americans, in September 2002, an otherwise sensible President George W. Bush told the United Nations that the U.S. will rejoin the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), a wild-eyed bunch President Reagan abandoned in 1984, noting that it was utterly corrupt and the U.S. had no business being a member of such a group.

Most Americans are blissfully ignorant of the insidious nature of this crowd of one-world, paganistic pseudo-communists (and real ones) who are bound and determined to create a new world order, establish a new world religion of tree worshippers that supplants and scorns Christianity and Judaism, promotes abortion worldwide, seeks to capture control of schools and schoolchildren, and is in the process of transforming national and privately owned property in the U.S. and elsewhere into its greedy hands.

Now, this is not black helicopter alarmism – every word in the above paragraph is based on the declarations of UNESCO and its gurus, and many of the programs are now in the process of being implemented in the U.S.

Consider this gem from UNESCO revealed by William F. Jasper in The New American magazine:

"A 10-part series for teachers, published in 1949 under the title Toward World Understanding, asserted that 'one of the chief aims of education today should be to prepare boys and girls to take an active part in the creation of a world society. ...' But government schools must stamp out love of country and the family must be viewed as the enemy: 'As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can produce only rather precarious results. As we have pointed out, it is frequently the family that infects the child with extreme nationalism. The school should therefore use the means described earlier to combat family attitudes that favor jingoism.'"

In other words, undermine parental authority and relegate patriotism to the category of "jingoism."

Incredibly, unless Congress acts in July to strangle this monster in its crib before it becomes our fearsome master, the United States will rejoin this group, send it tens of millions of your tax dollars every year, become a living part of the New World Order and subject American schoolchildren to the rule of an international paganistic schoolmarm who despises everything Americans cherish and believe in.

Believe me, this is serious stuff, and Congress is rushing headlong into approving membership in this new Kremlin and setting the state for a rebirth of international communism and the inevitable gulag that will reinforce its rule.

President Bush cited as his reason for rejoining UNESCO his contention that the organization has reformed. Not according to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who introduced a resolution expressing the sense of the Congress that the United States should not rejoin UNESCO.

"Those calling for the United States to rejoin UNESCO claim that the organization has undertaken fundamental reforms and therefore the United States should re-join," Paul said.

"It is strange that in the 18 years since the United States left UNESCO, we only started reading about the beginnings of reform in the year 2000," he continued. "Are we to believe that after nearly two decades of no change in UNESCO’s way of mismanaging itself things have changed so much in just two years? Is it worth spending $60 million per year on an organization with such a terrible history of waste, corruption, and anti-Americanism?"

According to Rep. Paul, "even if UNESCO has been 'reforming' its finances over the past two years, its programmatic activities are still enough to cause great concern among those of us who value American sovereignty and honor our Constitution. Consider the following as a partial list of UNESCO’s ongoing highly questionable activities:

  • "UNESCO meddles in the education affairs of its member-countries and has sought to construct a U.N.-based school curriculum for American schools.

  • "UNESCO has been fully supportive of the United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA) in its assistance to China’s brutal coercive population control program.

  • "UNESCO has designated 47 U.N. Biosphere Reserves in the United States covering more than 70 million acres, without Congressional consultation.

  • "UNESCO effectively bypasses Congressional authority to manage federal lands, by establishing management policies without Congressional consultation or approval."

Some reform!

According to Jasper, UNESCO proposed adoption of the New World Information Order (NWIO), which finally "proved to be the last straw. Under the Orwellian NWIO scheme, UNESCO proposed to license and control all journalists, broadcasters, and media personnel worldwide — the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights notwithstanding."

This, wrote Jasper, "finally got the attention of members of the 'liberal' press, who for decades airily dismissed the warnings of UNESCO’s conservative critics. The NWIO provided the critical impetus needed to spur U.S. withdrawal."

But nothing's changed. UNESCO, under the guidance of former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev, is still dedicated to a Marxist world order. According to Jasper, representatives from more than 150 countries met in Jomtien, Thailand, on March 5, 1990, for a five-day World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA), sponsored by UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP (United Nations Development Program), the World Bank, other U.N. agencies and one-world NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

Out of that gathering came two important documents: The World Declaration on Education for All, and The Framework for Action to Meet Basic Learning Needs.

It is important to understand that much of the mischief planned by UNESCO is outlined in the so-called Earth Charter, a profane (as opposed to sacred) document that is carted around the globe like an unholy relic in an atheistic version of the Ark of the Covenant known as the "Ark of Hope." (I am not making this up, as Dave Barry would say).

Jasper warns that "A global stealth campaign is underway and is gathering momentum. The masterminds of this campaign are aiming at nothing less than a world revolution, a revolution of mind and heart that will change and 'transform' humanity. They have devised a new 'Global Ethic' to replace the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a new 'Sixteen Principles' to replace the Ten Commandments. They call it the Earth Charter."

Although like the great majority of Americans you probably have never heard of the "Earth Charter," you soon will be experiencing its deadly effects. According to Jasper, the Charter "is being adopted and accepted by schools, universities, cities, counties, churches, businesses, and professional groups as a basic handbook providing moral direction for all human action, including all legislation and public policy."

Suffice it to say that what the Charter envisions is a world order governed by an elite composed of men dedicated to the implementation of the world socialist order the Soviet Union was unable to impose on mankind, men such as the unrepentant communist Gorbachev - in other words, a huge global prison for all mankind except for the elite, who will be the wardens.

Doubt this? Well, then, you had better consider that all across the U.S. UNESCO's programs are already being implemented, as Jasper revealed:

  • On Feb. 13, 2003, U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige helped launch UNESCO’s Literacy Decade.

  • The School Sisters of Notre Dame, a teaching order of Catholic nuns, have launched an educational campaign focused on the Earth Charter in their schools throughout North America.

  • All 35 members teaching "The University Colloquium: A Sustainable Future" at Florida Gulf Coast University use the Earth Charter. This class is a graduation requirement in all five colleges of the university.

  • The Global Higher Education for Sustainability Partnership — a partnership of the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future, Copernicus-Campus, the International Association of Universities, and UNESCO — is working to "develop and disseminate college-level teaching materials on 'Earth Ethics and Sustainable Development' " based on the Earth Charter.

  • The Global Elementary Model United Nations, a worldwide elementary school program, adopted the Earth Charter as its overarching theme for 2002 and asked participating students to use UNESCO teaching materials on the Charter.

  • "Earth Charter: Pathway to a Sustainable Future" is the title of a course taught by Dr. Laurie Thorp at Michigan State University.

  • Earth Scouts, a new national youth program, was launched last year "based on the Earth Charter: A Declaration of Interdependence," with badges for the Charter’s 16 principles.

  • The University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and Prescott College have endorsed the Earth Charter, with plans to eventually integrate it into all departments.

  • The U.S. Conference of Mayors and many organizations and local governments have endorsed the Charter.

  • Comrade Gorbachev will be traveling in the United States this year to promote the Charter.

  • The Ark of Hope and Earth Charter are being taken to U.S. cities and communities to aid the campaign for its adoption.

Warns Jasper: "Although children are not allowed to pray in the government schools to the one true God who made the cosmos and everything in it (including our planet), they are being encouraged, under the new "global spirituality," to adopt the pagan religions of indigenous cultures and to worship the Earth itself. The UN-appointed high priest of the new Earth cult, Mr. Gorbachev, has declared his creed: 'Cosmos is my God; Nature is my God.' Will your children follow him, chanting their mantras of praise to the Earth goddess Gaia, or some jungle deity or sacred dung beetle? You will not have much say in the matter, if Gorbachev and company have their way. And they do intend to have their way. Thanks to President Bush and a compliant Congress, these Earth Charter evangelists recently received a major boost to their sinister crusade."

Jasper concludes: "The Earth Charter stealth campaign is now coming into the open. UNESCO is preparing for massive expansion. These dual threats must be confronted in their early stages; now is the time for parents, educators, pastors, and concerned citizens to become alarmed, informed, and active in stopping these threats, before their insidious influences become embedded in our schools, communities, and local governments."

Don't say we didn't warn you when you child comes home from school, orders his pregnant mother to get an abortion, and starts praying to that tree in your front yard.

* * * * * *

Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist who writes for He is editor & publisher of Wednesday on the Web ( and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska. He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers

He can be reached at

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