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Universally Reviled & Unelected Prime Minister Gordon Brown Calls Global Warming Skeptics “Flat Earthers”

Gordon Brown: climate-change sceptics are ‘flat-earthers’

James Kirkup and Louise Gray
London Telegraph [1]
Friday, December 4, 2009

Comment: The universally reviled and unelected British Prime Minister attaches himself to the climategate crooks who are helping to build the “new world order” that Brown routinely calls for – therefore it’s little surprise that these tyrants are as thick as thieves in their efforts to protect their malthusian carbon tax agenda at all costs.

People who doubt that human activity contributes to global warming are “flat-earthers” and “anti-science”, Gordon Brown has said.

The Prime Minister launched an outspoken attack on climate-change sceptics amid growing signs of public doubts about the scientific and political consensus on the environment.



World leaders meet in Copenhagen next week seeking a global deal on cutting carbon emissions. But the debate has been clouded by a row over accusations that British scientists manipulated data on global temperatures.

Mr Brown last night insisted that the science on climate change in settled, and accused those who question the consensus of being outdated.

He said: “With only days to go before Copenhagen we mustn’t be distracted by the behind-the-times, anti-science, flat-earth climate sceptics. We know the science. We know what we must do.”

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