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University of Michigan Professor Hosts Talk on the Virtues of Pedophilia

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Louder With Crowder
February 13, 2018

Outrage-fests are a favorite outing of college social justice warriors. Antifa mosh pits are their go-to against conservative speakers on campus (see Berkeley Demanding Massive ‘Security Fees’ for Ben Shapiro. But they Love Free Speech! and LOL: Wimpy College Socialists to ‘Fight Back’ Against Steven Crowder…). Meanwhile when one of the left’s own thin-lipped harpy professors threatens to abuse children, crickets.

Below is an event description for a talk at the University of Michigan. The male professor of women’s studies will talk about the virtues of pedophilia.

To identify a relational form as “queer kinship” is to implicitly dignify and redeem it. What are the limits of such redemption?  Its shape is discernable within French author and activist Jean Genet’s (1910-1986) life practices of affiliation, including his habit of introducing himself into the domesticities of heterosexual couples, his practice of financing the heterosexual households of his younger male lovers, and his fantasy of himself as the adopted foundling of the Black Panther Party. Pederastic kinship is a forgotten and uncomfortable precursor to gay and lesbian “chosen” and nuclear family that restores power and inequality to overly idealized imaginaries of queer kinship.

Presented by the Doing Queer Studies Now RIW. Cosponsored by IRWG’s Lesbian-Gay-Queer Research Initiative (LGQRI) and the Institute for the Humanities.

For those who don’t speak gay verbiage, pederasty is the sexual relationship between a teen boy and a man. A.K.A. kid diddling.

Scared Little Boy

This professor is publicly proclaiming he believes there’s a benefit to little boys monkeying around with old men things. He even acknowledges such a notion is criticized by his fellow [British word for cigarettes]. In other words, the minority of minorities are discriminating against their own minority. We’re guessing he personally has a liking for lads.

Contrast this evil specimen with peeps like Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. Their only fault is the discussion of conservative viewpoints: preservation of small humans, prevention of illegals invading America, etc. They aren’t calling for the murder of infidels. They aren’t screaming for the extermination of a race. They aren’t encouraging illegal behaviors. All these which have been encouraged by liberal scholars. Though we can see how Ben Shapiro’s presence might conjure unclean thoughts from the possibly pederastic professor.

Leftism has poisoned education. They present only one side of an argument, stagnate critical thought, and purge away all male freshmen in a 10-mile radius. Unless, of course, said freshman would like to get fresh with older men.

This article was posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 7:57 am

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