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Up to 34 dead in bombings in Baghdad’s Christian areas

RT [1]
December 25, 2013

Bomb attacks at Christmas that targeted Christian areas of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have left up to 34 people dead. The biggest blast happened near a church after a Christmas service.

RT has been following the deadly violence that swept the country in 2013 in a special project.

The assaults included a car bomb that went off next to a Christian church in the Doura district of the Iraqi capital after a Christmas service, police and doctors said, as quoted by Reuters. The attack killed at least 24 people.

Most of the victims of the blast were Christian.

Two bombs also exploded in a crowded market in the same, mainly Christian area of Doura, killing another ten people.

All in all, over 50 people were also wounded in the attacks.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the bombings.

The diminishing Christian minority (400,000-600,000 people) in Iraq has frequently been the target of attacks, including a major church bombing in 2010 that left dozens dead.

A string of car bombings, shootings and suicide attacks has shaken the country, killing many Shiite Muslim pilgrims in the week before the Shiite holy day of Arbaeen, which coincided with Christmas Eve this year.