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UPDATE: US Sen Reid Readies Health Bill For Saturday Vote

Wall St Journal [1]
Friday, Nov 20th, 2009

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D., Nev.) said Thursday that the Senate is poised to act on $848 billion health-care legislation, despite lingering uncertainty over whether he can secure enough support for the bill.

Reid, appearing with other Senate Democrats at a rally at the Capitol, said that the bill fulfills a goal sought for decades to extend insurance coverage to Americans lacking it.

“We’ve been working to reform health care since the first half of the last century,” Reid said. “We’re now in the home stretch.”

Reid said that a key procedural vote that will allow the Senate to formally move to the legislation will take place Saturday evening. If Reid secures 60 votes–the number needed to break a filibuster–the Senate will begin debate on the bill after legislators come back from next week’s Thanksgiving recess.

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