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US deficit to hit 1.2 trillion dollars: budget office

AFP [1]
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The provisional US budget deficit in 2008/2009 will balloon to a record 1.2 trillion dollars, the Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday.

The deficit for the fiscal year 2007/2008 which ended in September reached 438 billion dollars, or 3.1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, the office said in a report.

However, the figures do not include the cost of a huge economic stimulus plan put forward by the future administration of president-elect Barack Obama which would cost upwards of 775 billion dollars.


According to the report issued by the budget office, the deficit will fall to around 700 billion dollars, which is still one of the highest budget deficits in the nation’s history.

President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday reluctantly acknowledged that he would likely inherit an economy on course for a trillion dollar deficit as he takes office.

“One of the measures of irresponsibility that we’ve seen is the enormous federal debt that has accumulated, a number that has doubled in recent years,” he told reporters. 

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