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US jobless forced to live in tents

ITN [1]
Friday, March 13, 2009

Unemployment and forced evictions have forced increasing numbers of Californians to live in tents.

Cities made up of the canvas shelters are popping up at an alarming rate across the state.

In Sacramento more than 300 people have been reduced to living in tents on 40 acres of unused land.

Tracy Vaughan has been living in the tent city for six months with her husband after they both lost their jobs.



She said: “We both worked for the same company, we both got laid off on the same day. So yeah, it just kind of happened.”

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Another resident, Erich Platz, who has been living in there for one month, said there were no jobs to support him anymore.

“Nothing going on in carpet, nothing going on in concrete, nothing going on in carpentry….There’s no boom anymore so its busted,” he said.

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