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US midterm elections: Barack Obama’s world turned upside down as Democrats face electoral disaster

Toby Harnden
London Telegraph
Oct 31, 2010

By abandoning his own rhetoric of bipartisanship, President Obama divided America and set the course for a heavy Democratic defeat in Tuesday’s midterm elections, argues Toby Harnden.

Welcome to the world as it was supposed to be for Barack Obama. Standing outside his campaign headquarters on St Charles Street in New Orleans, Cedric Richmond, the Democratic candidate, saluted a “great president” and rattled off the supposed benefits to his district of the Obama administration’s reforms.

Obama’s economic stimulus bill, he argued, created 39,000 jobs in New Orleans. Some 189,000 people in the city who had no health insurance will now be covered.

“He’s right on the issues and he’s creating the kind of change that people believed in two years ago,” said Richmond. “We didn’t think the change would be easy, but he’s initiated the type of reform to get us out of the hole Bush created.”

Richmond, a state representative, is poised to capture a Republican seat in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

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