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US Military Considered Food Drops To Lure North Koreans Away From Nuclear Sites

Geoffrey Ingersoll
Business Insider [1]
April 5, 2013

It’s no secret that North Korea is starving. It’s also no secret that they have nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, military planners know that the nuclear sites are often in the middle of a large civilian populace.

Maj. Gen. Bill Hix, director of the Army’s Concept Development and Learning Directorate, told reporters at a recent war game the best bet was to “use humanitarian assistance as a form of maneuver.”

The combination of the nuclear technology and a starving populace was problematic [2] for military planners involved in the game [3]:

[A major problem] was that a large number of nuclear sites were in populated areas, so they had to try to perform humanitarian assistance operations while conducting combined arms maneuver and operations.

Full article here [1]