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‘US planted Taliban in Pakistan’

Press TV [1]
Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The US has interfered in Afghanistan since 1960s and increased its role in 1980s after the former Soviet Union invaded the country in 1979, a Pakistani journalist says.

“The US will pursue its plans for Afghanistan with the help of Taliban and al-Qaeda until 2012 in order to achieve its objectives against interests of China and Iran. The US will unveil its [ultimate] plans only when it achieves its objectives,” Jang Daily’s Javid Rashid told IRIB.

He claimed that the US and Pakistan would continue their cooperation in Afghanistan in the future. “I see Afghanistan’s future as very dim.”



According to Rashid, the US and the Pakistani army jointly organized pro-Taliban militants in Pakistan because they want Pakistan under the current government to retain its chaotic situation.

“As they have introduced al-Qaeda as an emblem of terror in the Muslim world, they have also established Taliban in an effort to weaken Pakistan,” Rashid noted.