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US police ‘killer’ Maruice Clemmons shot dead in Seattle

Philippe Naughton
London Times [1]
Tuesday, Dec 1st, 2009

Seattle police said today that they had shot dead a man accused of the cold-blooded murder of four of their colleagues in a coffee shop two days ago.

Police radio traffic monitored over the internet suggested that the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, was cornered by a house in South Kenyon Street, in the Rainier Valley area of the city, at around 2.40am today.

The sequence of events is not yet clear but a Seattle Times critic, Mark Rahner, tweeted from the scene that Clemmons challenged police and was shot. The 37-year-old had already been shot in the torso after one of his victims managed to draw a weapon during Sunday’s killings.

After his capture, the suspect was taken to the Harborview hospital, according to traffic on the police scanner, but a police spokesman later confirmed that he had been fatally shot.

Full article here [1]

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