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US police to get Robocop’s car

Alisdair Suttie
Yahoo News [1]
March 21, 2010

Police in the USA will soon be tackling criminals with the same car used in the Hollywood film Robocop.

US police to get Robocop's car

The Ford Taurus Interceptor will replace the US police’s aging Crown Victoria cop cars, which is the first time the Taurus has been used other than in the Hollywood blockbuster.

Ford will build the new US cop car specifically for the police with a choice of 263- or 365bhp 3.5-litre V6 engines. Four-wheel drive will also be an option to help the new crime-buster on slippery roads.

Special design features for the new Taurus Interceptor police car include extra-wide opening doors for quick and easy access, and a dash designed to hold all of the radio and computer equipment needed by the police.

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