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U.S. Supreme Court Ends Effort to Criminalize Internet Free Speech via Child Online Protection Act

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Mike Adams
Natural News
Thursday, Jan 22, 2009

The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) was a law created by thought crimes advocates who sought to criminalize online communication they don’t approve of. Publicly, they said it was about “protecting children from pornography,” but behind closed doors, it was really about controlling online communications and criminalizing certain forms of online speech they don’t agree with.

For example, the COPA law specifically stated that anyone showing pictures of the “post-pubescent female breast” in any manner considered “lewd” by practically anyone could be fined $50,000 and thrown in prison for six months. Penalties would have been greatly increased if the posting of such content was “intentional.”

What’s so bad about that law, you might ask? Consider the issue of breastfeeding.

We have pictures on NaturalNews right now, depicting mothers breastfeeding their newborn babies, that could be interpreted as “lewd pictures of the post-pubescent female breast” and result in my own imprisonment. In fact, practically any attempt to educate the public about breastfeeding that included instructive photographs could have been considered illegal under the proposed law.

Or how about photos of natural childbirth? There are a whole lot of nude body parts in that scene. Is a photo of natural childbirth pornography?

It’s time I just stood up and reminded some folks about this simple fact: the female breast is not an object of profanity. The human body is not a harmful thing to view. And aren’t the people who pushed for this law the same people who say Man was created in God’s image? Does that mean, then, that they also believe God’s own body is offensive and lewd? Because if you believe Man was created in God’s image, you can’t say that God is a perfect being but the human body is lewd and offensive. Think about it…


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Thank goodness cooler heads prevailed on this issue, or we’d all end up being convicted on child pornography charges just for teaching expectant mothers about the importance of breastfeeding or natural childbirth.

And why did these people want to put the government in charge of internet speech anyway? Are they out of their minds? Look what happened when we put the government in charge of health care… or the money supply… or the environment. With the government in charge of free speech, we’d be lucky to be left with just nouns and verbs. (“Pronouns are now banned by executive order!”)

COPA was never about child pornography in the first place, by the way. It was about positioning the government as the gatekeeper of what kind of information you have the right to know. First, they start with child pornography, and before long, they’re shutting down alternative health websites for making “unapproved” statements about cancer cures. Practically anything can be categorized as unapproved content if you put the tyrants in charge of the internet.

Once Big Government finds itself in the position of filtering the content you’re allowed to see, its hunger for power inevitably grows until the U.S. becomes just like China, where only “approved” content is allowed on the ‘net.

Parents, if you don’t want your children looking at pornography online, buy some porn filtering software like everybody else. And daddy, when mommy catches you surfing the ‘net looking for your own porn, just remember to say that you’re only testing whether the anti-porn software actually works yet.

And parents, if you really want to protect your children from harmful images, turn off the TV violence and video game violence for a change. Those bloody first-person zombie shooter games are far dangerous to the psyche of a young boy than the sight of a human female body. Or have you even checked the lyrics of the songs your teenage kids are singing? Those lyrics are far more pornographic than any image.

The decisions of what kind of content children view and what kind of medicine they are given belongs in the home, with parents, not with the government. Folks, if you give Big Government the power to start censoring the internet, you’ll be unlocking a Big Brother Pandora’s Box of censorship and tyranny.

And don’t we have enough of that already?

This article was posted: Thursday, January 22, 2009 at 5:37 am

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