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US tipped off about al-Qaida cell that did not exist

Ian Cobain
London Guardian [1]
April 26, 2011

The US military created a detailed intelligence file on a London-based al-Qaida cell that did not exist, as a result of its reliance on tip-offs from one of its detainees, the Guantánamo files reveal.

One of the men whom the camp authorities believed to have been a leading member of the “cell” in the 1990s was 11 years old at the time, and had not left his family’s village in Saudi Arabia.

The files on most of the other supposed members suggest that they, too, had never visited Britain.

A list of the members of the group described as the “London, United Kingdom-based al-Qaida cell” is to be found in the file of Yousef Abkir Salih al-Qarani.

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