U.S. Media Blackout Protects Conspirators


There is a lack of awareness among Americans because of a total “Bilderberg ban” by the controlled media.


Exclusive to American Free Press

By Christopher Bollyn


CHANTILLY, Va.—Despite a complete media black out of Bilderberg in the United States—as opposed to a blizzard of publicity in Europe—the secret meeting here was greeted by protesting patriots.

Two of the protestors at the entrance of the Westfields Marriott Hotel in the woods here as the globalist elite began to arrive in black limousines obscured behind dark tinted windows were George Miller, 69, and Paul Smith, 19. Both Miller and Smith were aware of Bilderberg from reading American Free Press.

Miller, a veteran of the court-killed Liberty Lobby, has contributed several articles to American Free Press and lives in the Washington area.

Smith endured three days on a Greyhound bus traveling from Mesa, Ariz., to witness for himself the reality of Bilderberg.

Smith was introduced to The Spotlight as a 14-year-old by his uncle, a former border patrol agent in Bisbee, Ariz. He became aware of Bilderberg as a volunteer for the Reform Party of Arizona during the 2000 presidential campaign of Patrick J. Buchanan.

The “center of evil” is how Smith described the Bilderberg cabal when a Fairfax County (Va.) police officer flanked by federal agents who patrolled the perimeter of the secluded hotel’s property asked what and why he had come so far to protest.

“One should attack the root of the problem and never waste energy on the symptoms,” Smith said. “They [Bilderberg] have their wicked hand in almost all global suffering that humanity has the knowledge to avoid. Nobody else has ever had such a monopoly on evil.”

AFP came across Smith near the main entrance to the Westfields Marriott on May 30, the first day of the Bilderberg annual mind meld..

Queried about the absence of young activists at the Bilderberg meeting, Smith described his generation as both “apocalyptic” and “cynical” while suffering from “legitimate apathy, pessimism, and suicidal tendencies.”

“The youth has the stamina, strength, and responsibility to do something,” he added. “We should collectively disrupt traffic, or do something clever to organize effective resistance.”

There is “a lack of awareness” of Bilderberg and manipulating influence that indirectly controls most world events, said Smith, who shows a remarkable grasp of history. “Bilderberg and the top of the Left are the same people. On a daily basis people die and the state of the world steadily deteriorates beyond hope because of these socialist fiends.”