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V For Victory Appears at White House, Mexico & Beyond

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Monday, January 24, 2011

With the V for Victory campaign just barely underway, posters and flyers are popping up in some unexpected places, including in front of the White House and in Juarez City, Mexico. Join the resistance campaign [2], keep your entries [3] coming, check out the other submissions [4] and never stop fighting for victory.

In front of the White House, Washington DC
V for Victory flyers appear at White House [5]

Infowars activists around the world are taking action, and spreading the word of our resistance against Big Sis’ attempted takeover.

V for Victory in Juarez City Chihuahua, Mexico
Juarez City, Chihuahua, Mexico [6]

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More from Juarez City Chihuahua, Mexico – Click images for higher resolution.

Juarez City, Mexico [8] Juarez City, Mexico [9]
Juarez City, Mexico [10] Juarez City, Mexico [11]

In another type of response to the contest, a listener has supported a clever DHS parody, turning their mind-numbing propaganda around to stop thought itself.

Revolution Not: DHS PSA- Stop think. Connect.