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V For Victory: Pyramid Turned Upside Down

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

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‘V’ For Victory. You couldn’t have come up with a better symbol if you tried. You have subconsciously suggested, ironically, an upturned Illuminati, New world order pyramid symbol? You’ve created an anti Illuminati logo?

The time is upon us, and the time is now. We need to stop debating with each other. Stop stalling ourselves. I know everyone is scared, but we all have to now ship our thinking over to fighting. It’s not about words anymore. These people have hundreds of years head start on us. But we can ‘take’ them.

They are strong, but they are stupid. They are over confident. They don’t have our capacity to understand love and unity. And are therefore limited in their scope of thinking. It’s taken us a handful of years to catch up with their centuries of planning thanks to Alex Jones and a small handful of brave, brave men.

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You Are The Resistance Against The DHS Occupation Of America 210111top1

“Resistance V’s appeared all over the country….The V campaign meant ordinary people could feel they were doing something, however symbolic, to protest against the Occupation.”

“The British radio has called on people to write V for victory everywhere, and they are all over the place, even on shop fronts. They are also written on blackboards, on tables – everywhere. Even better, there’s a new badge: a V made with two crossed pins and worn on the lapel. Yvette and I counted seventy-five in five minutes!…On the Rue d’Astorg, I scribbled a V on a German car. I heard the sound of boots behind me, and moved off quickly.”

The Resistance, by Matthew Cobb.

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