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Vehicles confirmed near N.Korea launch pad

NHK News [1]
March 29, 2012

A new satellite photo of North Korea’s rocket launch pad suggests the country is preparing to launch what it calls a satellite next month, as it has announced.

The US satellite imagery firm DigitalGlobe took the photo of the facility at Tongchang-ri in the northwestern part of North Korea, on Wednesday.

A photo taken on March 20th captured only the launch pad. But the new photo shows 2 vehicles nearby.

The firm also points out that a crane arm at the top of the central tower has been swung in a different direction.

Japan, the United States and some other countries consider North Korea’s planned rocket launch no different from a long-distance ballistic missile launch.

A senior US Defense Department official has warned that debris from the rocket could fall on Japan or South Korea.
The official also said that the US is suspending an agreement made with North Korea to send food aid to the country.