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Veteran Flies Flag Upside Down, Gets Harassed by Cops

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

An American flag has been flying upside down, and causing some controversy. A Crivitz man raised the flag “union down,” saying he was in distress, because of a problem with the village.

“My wife and I are on the doorstep of bankruptcy,” said Congine. “We’re in distress. And I told them you just put my building and my home and my entire family in distress. I’m going to express myself.”



But he had been flying the flag union down. Before the Fourth of July parade, which would go past Congine’s property, the Crivitz Police Department took matters into its own hands. The police department says it received complaints about the flag, and tried to contact Congine.

On the 4th, the police department took the flag down, returning it to Congine the next day.

“It’s ridiculous. They violated my first amendment rights,” said Congine.

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