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Video: CNN’s Stelter AGAIN Says Trump Is Leader of HATE MOVEMENT

Highlights tweets comparing Trump to HITLER and STALIN

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 3, 2018

CNN’s Brian Stelter once again declared that President Trump is leading a ‘hate movement’ against the press, and flashed up images of tweets comparing Trump to Hitler and Stalin during a Sunday broadcast.

Stelter used his “Reliable Sources” show to once again push the ‘hate speech’ talking point.

“This weekend, breaking news from President Trump. He’s upping his ferocious language against the news media and Robert Mueller,” Stelter declared.

“A lot of thought to get to, a lot of angles to discuss, because the President is really attacking the press with renewed vigor,” he complained.

“It’s something we need to analyze in detail because it’s something that’s being talked about the newsrooms across the country right now.” Stelter claimed, attempting to justify his rampant Trump derangement disorder.

Stelter worried out loud that Trump’s war with the media has become “normalized in some way.”

“I think it’s as simple as this: President Trump’s newest attempt to strip away our legitimacy and, indeed, our humanity is coming through on Twitter.” he whined.

“I know we’re all used to him tweeting all the time but think about what he’s saying here … saying journalists are dangerous, sick, enemies of the people. That’s where we are. This is America,” the CNN host further cried.

Stelter then flashed up a tweet [5] from NBC’s Chuck Todd, who declared Trump to be ‘wrong and dangerous’, and then highlighted a tweet from a White House reporter for the Huff Post who compared Trump to Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

“There’s certainly been a newfound focus on how he whips up his crowds against the press corps. More and more I think ‘hate movement’ is the proper term for what’s going on.” Stelter stated.

The CNN host then boasted about how the phrase ‘hate movement’ is being used more and more since he and other deranged leftists adopted it.

“The first time I saw it, I think, was by NYU’s Jay Rosen. Others are picking up on it as well. It’s a helpful frame to understand what the President is doing,” Stelter said, adding that Trump supporters who chant ‘CNN sucks’ and express a disliking for the media are “all part of this hate movement.”

In an earlier broadcast, Stelter aired footage of an alleged Trump supporter calling into C-Span and threatening to shoot him and CNN host Don Lemon. Many were skeptical over the authenticity of the call.

Stelter and CNN pushed the ‘hate movement’ talking point hard last week following several Trump rallies.

“That really is a hate movement and the results are what we see at these rallies. And because he’s holding rallies more and more often, we are seeing it more and more often.” Stelter declared.

Meanwhile, on Anderson Cooper’s CNN broadcast, political analyst David Gergen charged that Trump used “Stalinist” language by calling the media “enemies of the people,” and warned that he will have ‘blood on his hands’ if any journalists are attacked.