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VIDEO: Fleeing Coronavirus Patient Chased by Man Armed With Small Bench

National File [1]
February 6, 2020

A patient, allegedly suffering from the Coronavirus, was taken down, in a gripping short video, by a man armed with a small bench and a group of mask-wearing individuals.

The footage shows eight men, including the order-giving cameraman, chase after a screaming man who was allegedly infected with the deadly virus down an empty street.

According to the tweet in which the footage was posted, the tweeter says: “One of the coolest chase videos on twitter….

“Suspected person infected with coronavirus it’s taken down by a 1.5 seater love seat bench stool… probably the most chinese take down in 5000 years.”

The Coronavirus has already infected tens of thousands with a rising death toll, leading some to panic.

Reports have emerged detailing escaped patients evading capture. Videos of assault-rifle-armed patrolmen wearing medical attire have also circulated social media, raising questions concerning the legitimacy of the information coming out of China regarding the Coronavirus.

A 31-year-old woman suspected of carrying the Coronavirus is reported to have escaped an isolation holding facility in Salzburg, Austria, provoking a manhunt to prevent the spread [8] of the disease.

A similar incident occurred in India [9], where a patient suspected of suffering from the virus also escaped isolation.

Coronavirus patients have also attempted to flee in the quarantined city of Wuhan.

The UK has also launched a manhunt [10] for potentially hundreds–if not, thousands–of individuals currently in the country who may have had recent contact with Wuhan; the epicenter of the virus.

The following tweet on the original poster’s thread reads: “It’s absolutely crazy…this man hunt for wuhan people…this was part of a much longer video too.”

In addition to the Coronavirus escapists, some patients have reportedly  [12]attempted to infect others with the virus by deliberately sneezing or coughing at people or public items such as elevator buttons.