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Video: Hillary Supporters Endorse Karl Marx For VP

Clinton voters happy to advocate revolutionary socialist who died over 100 years ago

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
February 1, 2016

Hillary voters signed a petition to make Karl Marx Clinton’s Vice President in the latest example of how clueless many Americans are when it comes to basic politics.

Media critic Mark Dice told San Diegans that Hillary had picked Karl Marx, her “economic adviser,” to become her running mate but that a few more signatures were required to endorse the decision.

Unaware of the fact that Marx, a revolutionary socialist who sought to abolish capitalism, died in 1883, Hillary supporters were happy to oblige.

“Sure, I will support that,” remarked one woman as she signed the petition while Dice said that Hillary choosing Marx would “boost her candidacy credentials”.

Another man signed the petition after Dice told him that Marx had also been Obama’s economic advisor for many years.

“She gotta step up, I don’t like to see what Trump been doing,” the man commented.

Another man signs the petition even after Dice tells him that Karl Marx is a “Communist”.

A woman then signs the petition before remarking, “I don’t care, a signature is good”.

This is by no means the first time that Hillary supporters have advocated extreme measures.

Last month, Dice was able to convince [1] them to sign a petition to, “repeal the Bill of Rights for the New World Order and progress America and help with the government.”

Last year, Clintonites agreed with the idea [2] of creating a “white privilege” tax which would then be redistributed to poor communities.

When asked whether they would support abolishing the Fourth Amendment in order to help “modernize government,” Hillary supporterseagerly concurred [3].

Back in December, they also signed their name [4] to support an even more bizarre proposal to “lower the standard of living”.


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