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Video: ‘Mashable’ Touts Ten-Year-Old Drag Queen as ‘Shaping the Future’

Louder With Crowder [1]
May 8, 2018

We’ve often warned of leftists coming to corrupt your kiddos [2]. The left wants to sink their talons into your tiny tots and turn them into a bunch of Marx-loving benders of genders [3]. Take this little guy for example.

This is “Desmond is Amazing,” the world-famous ten-year-old drag queen who Mashable claims is at the forefront of the “drag youth” movement. Yes, apparently that is actually a thing that exists.

“Shaping the future of drag youth.” Yes, this is the future the left wants for your male offspring. Prancing around in rainbow tutus with a pound of Maybelline plastered on their faces.

This kid is probably still working out how Santa manages his 54-inch gut down the chimney to deliver that mascara he requested for Christmas. Yet, the left expects us to believe he knows all the “ins and outs” of human sexuality. Not quite. In this fancy little fella’s mind, he thinks he’s just having a good time.

It’s one thing to let your kid express himself creatively. That’s what Legos and watercolors are for. It’s another thing entirely when you’re sexualizing a ten-year-old boy. Allowing him to paint himself like a woman of the night. Encouraging him to “work it” at the pride parade. Arranging playdates with RuPaul. Big difference.

Make no mistake, this kid is being taught this stuff. He didn’t get this expertise on LGBTUVWXYZ-ness on his own. I don’t know of many kids who fill out their days researching the nuances of the Stonewall Riots from fifty years ago.

In reality, this youngster is allowing himself to be an unwitting tool for the leftist cause. Progressive peeps, like the ones over at Mashable, are shaping these kids [4] to be “fierce and fabulous” foot-soldiers. All to advance their narrative.