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Video: President Obama gets Heckled on Bus

bayanihantayo.com [1]
June 3, 2010

US president Barack Obama enters a bus after his Memorial Day speech in Illinois being rained out and the passengers on the bus cheer as they cannot believe the president of the United States of America just walked into their shuttle bus.

But one heckler in the back of the bus wasn’t impressed and yells at Obama saying “You should be Impeached!” During the whole ordeal Obama completely ignores the heckler on the bus.

The video dialogue is hard to make out as it was shot by a cell phone camera.  The audio is drowned out with background noise, but the thing that is loud and clear is the man yelling “ You should be impeached! impeach Obama.”

As Obama continues to give his speech on how appreciative to the people on the bus, the heckler continues to say you should be impeached and repeatedly calls Obama a liar.

Watch the youtube video of President Obama being heckled on a bus