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Video: This Leftist Gun Grabber Thinks The Second Amendment Belongs In “” Scare Quotes

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It’s part of our “Constitution.”

Steve Watson
January 7, 2016

CNN, which will devote an hour of airtime tonight to the President’s staged ‘town hall’ gun control meeting, prominently featured a leftist gun grabber on its programming last night, who sneered at the concept of The Second Amendment, prompting fevered backlash on social media.

Don Lemon allowed Igor Volsky of Think Progress to repeatedly interrupt conservative talk show host Ben Ferguson during what was supposed to be a debate on the gun control issue.

“They want to silence any reasonable discussion about what can you do when a guy walks into a school and kills twenty first graders. That’s the reason why it’s about the ‘Second Amendment.'” frothed a wide-eyed Volsky as he threw up his fingers as scare quotes.

Volsky’s performance prompted backlash on Twitter:

Volsky went on to tell Ferguson that he should be “ashamed of yourself” for not supporting Obama’s executive action on guns, and argued that “it’s one thing to lobby for the Second Amendment; for parts of the Constitution. It’s another thing to say there can’t be any gun regulations — which has nothing at all to do with the Second Amendment.

When Ferguson was able to get a word in, he attempted to explain why he was against the action.

“Pay — pay attention to what I’m actually saying, okay? As a gun owner, what was passed today would not have stopped that {The Newtown shooting]. And my biggest problem with what the President did today was he used these horrible instances to, somehow, give false hope to these families that what he enacted today would have, somehow, stopped these mass shootings — when the reality, they would not…”

“: If you want to go after people that are selling guns illegally, I’m in favor of that! But to come out today and to act as if what the President did today is going to stop these mass shootings, not one of these mass shootings — it’s a fact — would have been stopped by what the President did today, because all those guns were bought legally. We need to deal with mental health, and we need to deal with mental health in a serious way” Ferguson concluded.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com.

This article was posted: Thursday, January 7, 2016 at 11:25 am

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