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Viral Success: “Demonizing Alex Jones” Tops Google Trends

Prison Planet.com [1]
Friday, September 3, 2010

The search term “demonizing Alex Jones” has topped the Google Trends charts, ensuring that thousands of people who would have usually swallowed ABC Nightline’s hit piece against Jones whole will now have their eyes opened to an entirely deeper level of understanding about the new world order and the global soft kill eugenics program.

With reports coming in nationwide of the corporate media launching a full scale demonization campaign against Jones in the aftermath of the ABC smear, the viral popularity of this search term will turn people away from the establishment propaganda and focus their attention on the kind of bombshell information posted daily at Prison Planet and Infowars.

We thank our listeners for contributing to this viral success and once again helping us to hack  into the matrix of consensus-controlled belief systems and plant the seeds that will win over new minds long into the future.

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