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Volcano flight chaos could last up to SIX MONTHS as air traffic chiefs extend UK lockdown to 1am

Michael Seamark, Ray Massey and Sean Poulter
UK Daily Mail [1]
Friday, April 16th, 2010

Airports across Britian were deserted today after an unprecedented lockdown of airspace prompted by the threat from a deadly cloud of volcanic ash.

The National Air Traffic Service (NATs) has now grounded flights in and out of the UK until at least 1am tomorrow.

But with the source of the ash – a volcano 700 miles away in Iceland – still spewing smoke into the atmosphere, there are already fears the chaos could go on for days if not weeks.

Some experts said there could be disruption for six months as a result of contaminated air drifting over northern Europe.

NATs will review the situation at 1pm today and put out a statement about services tomorrow at 2.30pm.

No jet planes can fly except in an emergency because the dust causes their engines to fail.

Health officials have told those with conditions such as asthma to stay indoors.

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