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WATCH: Anti-Brexit Protesters March In London Demanding Democracy Be Overturned

Breitbart [1]
September 4, 2016

LONDON, United Kingdom – Anti-Brexit demonstrators took to the streets of London once again today to protest against the British public’s decision to leave the European Union (EU).

The protest, which was much smaller than previous anti-Brexit demonstrations, was led by comedian Eddie Izzard and included people dressed in a wide variety of costumes, often with unusual messages.

Demonstrators called on the government to overturn the referendum result, and expressed their love for the European Union, to a background of pop music.

One group of demonstrators told Breitbart London how Brexit was like the killing of Harambe, the Cincinnati gorilla, because as his life was taken away without his choice, so they have been taken out of the EU against their will.

The protest was largely peaceful, although a small counter-demonstration by Brexit supporters aroused a large amount of anger among crowd, leading to chants of “racist scum” as well as one person shouting “you’ll be dead soon anyway” at an older man.

Eddie Izzard also got into a spot of bother when an unknown man attempted to steal his pink beret. The comedian gave chase in high heels before the thief was wrestled to the ground.